Losing your pet is a very traumatic experience. There are a number of steps you should take as soon as your pet goes missing and if your pet is not immediately found. Ask friends and neighbours if they have seen your pet and if so, when and where? If your pet is not found after your initial search, contact the Town of High Level. Be prepared to provide a description of your pet and pet licence number.

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If we don’t have your pet

If your pet is not located at the Animal Control Facility, you should immediately do the following:

Post flyers in the area where your pet was last seen and around your neighbourhood in as many of the following locations as possible:

    • Veterinarian offices
    • Animal Shelters
    • Supermarkets
    • Bulletin boards

If someone responds to your flyer, having possibly found your pet, check it out even if it seems too far away to possibly be your pet. Animals have been found miles from where they were originally lost

Once your pet has been found, remember to do the following:

  • Contact and inform the Animal Control Facility/NLRHS
  • Remove all flyers you have posted.

When you are checking our website and you see an animal that matches your pets description, please call the NLRHS at 780-926-5520.


If you have found a lost/stray dog wearing a Town of High Level tag, try contacting the phone number on the tag. If the owner can not be reached, contact the Town of High Level at 780-926-2201.

If you have found an animal that is not wearing any identification (eg. Tag), please call the Town of High Level Bylaw Officer at 780-926-2201.

Click here to check our LOST & FOUND listings.

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