1.  What can I do as a Volunteer to help?
There are so many ways to help. We currently need more volunteers for many areas. Dog walking during the Dinner shift is great if you are unsure about commitment or new to helping dogs. Assisting during fundraising events is a great way to help if you like to be involved in organizing, tasking and watching an event succeed.  Fostering  is a wonderful and rewarding way to show your appreciation and love of dogs by opening up your home and heart to allow a dog to live in a stress free environment in order for him or her to learn the behaviour needed to be adopted into a forever home.  Partnering or going solo in shelter duties is another rewarding method. In doing so you will learn the in and outs of the shelter and how we operate, you will learn about animal behaviour and get to know all the loving dogs that stay with us while we search for their forever home or maybe fall in love enough to adopt or foster. To help in any of these great areas feel free to email at nlhs@live.ca or call us at 780-926-5520 for more information.

2. Do you accept other animals besides dogs and cats?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept any other animals such as  rabbits or lizards.

3. When I adopt a cat or dog, what does the fee include?

–   All dogs  and cats will have their first set of shots
–  All dogs and cats will be neutered or spayed if age appropriate
–  A personalized medical booklet containing all vital health information
–  The knowledge that you have provided companionship to an animal that did not have a home.
 4. Why does the NLRHS charge an Owner Surrender Fee?
Owner surrender fees only cover a small fraction of what it cost to care for a dog or cat in our facility. The costs to care for them add up quickly and include:
– health Assessment
– vaccines
– deworming
– feeding
– care
– cleaning
– time and effort searching and promoting to find a forever home
– building and cleaning supplies to maintain a safe and healthy envrionment

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